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Objective C


A banner is a type of ad unit that occupies a spot of a specific size (320x50, 728x90 or 300x250) within your app's layout. This type of ad unit can not be hidden. The available sizes (in dots) are the following:

  • TappxBannerSizeSmartBanner: Adjusted automatically inside the device screen. The sizes you can request are: 320x50 and 728x90.
  • TappxBannerSize320x50: Standard Banner for phones.
  • TappxBannerSize728x90: Standard Banner for tablets.
  • TappxBannerSize300x250: Also known as Mrec. Is a rectangular banner for phones and tablets.

Add to the ViewController.h file the following lines:

#import <TappxFramework/TappxAds.h>

@interface ViewController : UIViewController <TappxBannerViewControllerDelegate>

@property (retain, nonatomic) TappxBannerViewController* tappxBanner;


Now in the ViewController.m file you have to initialize the Banner. Example:

#import "ViewController.h"
#import <TappxFramework/TappxAds.h>

@interface ViewController ()

@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidLoad {
[super viewDidLoad];
_tappxBanner = [[TappxBannerViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self
andSize:TappxBannerSmartBanner andPosition:TappxBannerPositionBottom];
[_tappxBanner load];

Important: To get the best memory management you must destroy the banner once used. You can do it with these lines:

if(_tappxBanner != nil)
[_tappxBanner removeBanner];
_tappxBanner = nil;

Advanced Banner

If you want to show the ad in a different position than TOP or BOTTOM, there are two options:

Setting the exact position

_tappxBanner = [[TappxBannerViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self
andSize:TappxBannerSmartBanner andPosition:CGPointMake(X, Y)];

With an UiView

_tappxBanner = [[TappxBannerViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self
andSize:TappxBannerSmartBanner andView:_viewTappxBanner];


You can listen the banner events with the "delegates" functions:

-(void) tappxBannerViewControllerDidFinishLoad:(TappxBannerViewController*) vc{
NSLog(@"BANNER: DidFinishLoad");

-(void) tappxBannerViewControllerDidFail:(TappxBannerViewController*) viewController
withError:(TappxErrorAd*) error{
NSLog(@"BANNER: DidFail %@", error.descriptionError);

-(void) tappxBannerViewControllerDidPress:(TappxBannerViewController*) vc{
NSLog(@"BANNER: DidPressr");

-(void) tappxBannerViewControllerDidClose:(TappxBannerViewController*) vc{
NSLog(@"BANNER: DidClose");