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Additional Information in the Requests

(Interstitial & Banners)

When you send a request (for a banner or an interstitial), we recommend to send additional information to get better results (earnings or downloads). It’s as easy as adding a parameter of the AdRequest type when you use the load method.

It’s not necessary to add all the information, but the more information you send, the better results you will get.

//For interstitials
TappxSettings *settings = [TappxSettings new];
[setting setAge:25];
[setting setGender:TappxGenderMale];
[setting setMarital:TappxMaritalSingle];
[setting setYearOfBirth:1986];

[_tappxInterstitial load:setting];

//For banners
TappxSettings *settings = [TappxSettings new];
[setting setAge:40];
[setting setGender:TappxGenderFemale];
[setting setMarital:TappxMaritalMarried];
[setting setYearOfBirth:1986];

[_tappxBanner load:setting];