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Error Codes

There are different reasons that can cause an ad load to fail. In those cases, the SDK will show the error details in LogCat (Android Monitor inside Android Studio). Moreover, if you are loading actively the ad will receive an error in the ad listener (TappxInterstitialListener, TappxBannerListener) through the TappxAdError object.

  • DEVELOPER_ERROR: There is an error with the SDK integration. Make sure you followed the guide steps properly, that you’re using the right app Key and check the LogCat to get more details.
  • NETWORK_ERROR: There is a network error. This error usually happens when the device doesn’t have internet connection or the connection is restricted.
  • NO_FILL: You are not receiving an ad because at this moment and for this request, the system is not getting an ad that fits with your request.
  • SERVER_ERROR: There was a server error. You can try again in a few seconds.
  • INTERNAL_ERROR: There was an internal error loading the ad. If the error persists, please contact us.
  • UNSPECIFIED: This is a generic error message for errors that don’t match the previous categories. Of course, you can contact us if you have another kind of error or questions regarding the SDK.