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Rewarded video listeners in Unity

It is very important to use rewarded video listeners to be able to reward only the users who have watched the videos to the end. The listeners must be edited in the imported file in Tappx/Scripts/TappxManagerUnity.cs.

public void RewardedLoaded(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Load");
public void RewardedFailedToLoad(string error){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded failed to Load " + error);
public void RewardedVideoStart(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Start");
public void RewardedVideoClicked(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Clicked");
public void RewardedVideoPlaybackFailed(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Playback Failed");
public void RewardedVideoClosed(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Closed");
public void RewardedVideoCompleted(){
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Rewarded Complete");