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Interstitial and Banner Configuration

Banners and interstitial configuration without Scene Manager

If you want to do without the Scene Manager as shown above, you should manage your advertising by code.


For Interstitials use the following functions:

TappxManagerUnity.instance.loadInterstitial(bool autoShow);

To activate the Interstitial automatically as soon as it is loaded, you should pass a "true" to the parameter "loadInterstitial (bool autoShow)".

In case you want to pre-load an interstitial you have to call the function "loadInterstitial (bool autoShow)" and pass the parameter "false" at the beginning of your scene.

When you want to show the interstitial, you’ll have to check if you have the interstitial ready by calling the function "isInterstitialReady ()". It will return "true" if you have an interstitial and a false if not. If you receive "true" you can call the " InterstitialShow ()" function. Example of use:



You can use these functions to show and hide a Banner:

TappxManagerUnity.instance.show(POSITION_BANNER pos, bool mrec);

The first parameter "POSITION_BANNER pos" accepts the following values:


The second parameter "bool mrec" can be sent as true in case you want to receive an MREC ad (300x250).


With these functions you can display a Banner and hide it when necessary.