Android Requirements

Google Play Services

For our SDK to work, it needs the Google Play Services library. On Android, this will be installed automatically by pressing the "Add Google Play Services" button located in TappxSettings (you will need to have the Unity settings correctly set with the Android SDK).

The necessary libraries for it to work are:

  • Play Services Ads
  • Play Services Ads Lite
  • Play Services Base
  • Play Services Basement
  • Install Referer

Installation Track

With the 2.0 SDK version you can track the installations generated from the ads shown. This is very important to improve the matchings between apps and the performance in relation to downloads, so don’t forget to add this tracking if you want to generate more downloads on your app!
In order to track installs you have to declare the BroadcastReceiver "" in your AndroidManifest.xml on the section application.


Important: The declared broadcast must have the android:exported="true" property in order to work properly.

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