iOS Monetization+Cross


For both installations we will use the Plugman functionality, which can be obtained through the following NPM command:

$ npm install plugman -g

SDK Integration

1) Add the support for iOS inside your PhoneGap project:

$ phonegap platform add ios

Note: This command line will create a folder “platform” and a subfolder “ios” inside your project.

2) Install the Tappx Plugin by executing the next command:

$ plugman install --platform ios --project /{{projectroute}}/platforms/ios --plugin /{{tappxplugin_route}}/


  • {project_route} -> Replace this macro for your project’s path.
  • {tappx_plugin_route} -> Replace this macro for the path where you saved the Tappx Plugin that you have downloaded.

iOS Requirements

Tappx SDK Integration

Download the latest version of the SDK:

Drag the "TappxFramework.framework" and "OMSDK_Tappx.xcframework" files inside the Xcode Project.


Once done you will see the option screen where you must check the same options as in the following screen:


When you have the SDK in your project, you must change in "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content" the "embed" from the SDK:


Add the -ObjC linker flag to Other Linker Flags in your project's build settings:


Google Admob integration

We are using a Google Adserver and for that reason the integration of their SDK is a must. If you have it integrated yet in your project, just skip this step.


1. Download the example from GoogleServices-Info.plist.

2. Modify the BUNDLE_ID property with the bundle or your app and delete the two Admob test keys.

3. Save the file with the same name and in the same path where is located your project.

4. Create a file with name Podfile in the same directory where is the .xcworkspace file (usually in the root of your project) with the following lines:

source ''
platform :ios, '7.0'
pod 'Firebase/Core'
pod 'Firebase/AdMob'

5. And finally from the terminal console, access the directory where is the Podfile and execute the instruction: pod install.

pod install

Note: If you need more details about how to integrate it, you can check this link :


1. Download the SDK from this link: Google Ads.
2. Drag the framework asa you did it previously with Tappx framework.
3. In the next screen you need to set the options as in this image:


Add in the file /Other Sources/Bridging-Header.h the next line:

#import <TappxFramework/TappxAds.h>

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