iOS Monetization


For both installations we will use the Plugman functionality, which can be obtained through the following NPM command:

$ npm install plugman -g

SDK Integration

1) Add the support for iOS inside your PhoneGap project:

$ phonegap platform add ios

Note: This command line will create a folder “platform” and a subfolder “ios” inside your project.

2) Install the Tappx Plugin by executing the next command:

$ plugman install --platform ios --project /{{projectroute}}/platforms/ios --plugin /{{tappxplugin_route}}/


  • {project_route} -> Replace this macro for your project’s path.
  • {tappx_plugin_route} -> Replace this macro for the path where you saved the Tappx Plugin that you have downloaded.

iOS Requirements

Tappx SDK Integration

Download the latest version of the SDK:

Drag the "TappxFramework.framework" and "OMSDK_Tappx.xcframework" files inside the Xcode Project.


Once done you will see the option screen where you must check the same options as in the following screen:


When you have the SDK in your project, you must change in "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content" the "embed" from the SDK:


Add the -ObjC linker flag to Other Linker Flags in your project's build settings:



Add in the file /Other Sources/Bridging-Header.h the next line:

#import <TappxFramework/TappxAds.h>

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