Add the next lines in your “/www/js/index.js” of phonegap:

                var tappxSetting = {
                    ios : "YOUR IOS TAPPX KEY",
                    android : "YOUR ANDROID TAPPX KEY",
                var tappxKey = (/(android)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) ? : tappxSetting.ios;

                tappxphonegap.createBanner('position', tappxKey,
                ????function() {
                        //Success Callback
                ????function() {
                        //Error Callback


  1. Parameter: true or false. Show the Interstitial automatically.
  2. Parameter: string. TAPPX KEY.
  3. Success: Method that is called if the creation and ad load succeed.
  4. Error : Method that is called if an error occurs during the creation or ad load.


You can add listener events into the Banner to be notified when a specific event happens in the ad. Here you have examples:

Function Explanation
function void tappxBannerDidFinishLoad (){} It will be called when the creative has been correctly received.
function void tappxBannerDidFail (string error){} It will be called when there is an error while receiving the creative.
function void tappxBannerDidExpanded (){} It will be called when the ad expanded.
function void tappxBannerDidPress (){} It will be called when the user clicks on the ad.
function void tappxBannerDidClose (){} It will be called when you remove the ad.

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