Mopub Android SDK Mediation


Our SDK has embedded all needed classes to be called from MoPub. To use our SDK from MoPub, you need to attach our SDK to your project.To get access to better matching and performance with crosspromotion (in other apps of our community) you also need to modify your AndroidManifest.xml and add TrackInstall information (to track installs from tappx).

Integrate the SDK with Maven

Add this line in your "build.gradle":

repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation ''
    implementation ''


If you are using proguard in your app, you must add the following lines to your setup file:

-keepattributes *Annotation*
-keepclassmembers class**.R$* {
    public static ;
-keep public class** {*;}
-keep public class** {*;}
-keep public class com.tappx.** { *; }

Installation tracking

(cross promotion only)

In this document we will explain the most difficult variant of configuration to use install tracking. Why I do this? Because a lot of our developers already have other tracking services/networks (Analytics, Flurry, etc.), and if you don’t have any other tracking service, If you create this class/method you will prepare your app for the future.
We will have to edit our AndroidManifest.xml to call our class when one user installs our app from market. (This class is always called that one user installs our app, but Tappx's tracking only counts installations that proceeds from a click of our network banners).


Important: The declared broadcast must have the android:exported="true" property in order to work properly.

SDK Mediation

To add tappx as your new Ad Network in your MoPub dashboard, you need to access to Networks section and click over “Add a Network” button:

Then you have to select “Custom Native Network”

And finally, you only have to complete request information (you must to fill “Custom Event Class” and “Custom Event Class Data”):

  • Custom Event Class:
    • For Banner:
    • For Interstitial:
    • For Rewarded:
  • Custom Event Class Data:
    • For Banner: {"appKey":"Your tappx key", "adWidth":Your ad width,"adHeight":Your ad height}
    • For Interstitial: {"appKey":" Your tappx key"}
    • For Rewarded: {"appKey":" Your tappx key"}

** TAPPX_KEY format for Android: Pub-xxxx-Android-xxxx

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