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GAM Android SDK Mediation (v2.0)

SDK Mediation

Now you can use our SDK with Tappx, and with ADX/AdMob, or with any other exchange/network as you wish, our SDK gives you the possibility to do multi-call and mediate between these networks.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the "Delivery" option, you click "Yield Groups":

Very Important: If you don't have this option, contact Google Support to activate this option.

  1. Create a "New Yield Group" if you don't have it:

  1. When you create your "Yield Group", add a new "Yield Partner":

  1. Now select Tappx as "Yield Partner". If you don't have Tappx as an option, create a "New Yield Partner":

  1. Create a new "Ad Network", select "Other Networks" and enable the option "Mediation":