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GAM Android SDK Mediation (v2.0)

Custom Event Configuration

In the form add the following fields:

  1. Yield Partner: Tappx
  2. Integration Type: Custom Event
  3. Platform: Android
  4. Status: Active

In "Additional yield partner details" add:

Class Name:

  • For Banner: com.tappx.sdk.adapters.DfpBannerAdapter
  • For Interstitial: com.tappx.sdk.adapters.DfpInterstitialAdapter


  • Only required to provide you a description.


  • Network KEY (for example, your tappx key (format: Pub-xxxx-Android-xxxx)

Example of a possible full configuration: with this configuration you can first call up your direct campaigns, then if nothing is found, GAM will call Google AdExchange and, finally, if nothing has been found, GAM will call Tappx SSP (you can decide the correct order in your Mediation Waterfall). NOTE: You can only use our SDK Mediation to call your GAM, AdExchange, TappxSSP and TappxCrosspromotion. To call them you only need to use your GAM/AdExchange/Tappx KEYS (each one has its own format).