DFP iOS SDK Mediation


Our SDK has embedded all needed classes to be called from DFP. To use our SDK from DFP, you need to attach our SDK to your project.

iOS 9 Considerations

App Transport Security

So that our application is not affected by this new measure that Apple has taken we have to add in our file "Info.plist" the following lines:


If you want to see more documentation, App Transport Security (ATS).

Bitcode in Xcode 7

The Google Mobile Ads SDK does not yet support enabling bitcode. You will need to disable this setting in your app by navigating to the target or project Build Settings. Under the Build Options section, set Enable Bitcode to No.


If you want to see more documentation, Bitcode.

Tappx SDK integration

Drag the "TappxFramework.framework" and "OMSDK_Tappx.xcframework" files inside the Xcode Project.


Once done you will see the option screen where you must check the same options as in the following screen:


When you have the SDK in your project, you must change in "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content" the "embed" from the SDK:


Add the -ObjC linker flag to Other Linker Flags in your project's build settings:


You add the folder: “MediationClass” inside your project.


SDK Mediation

Now you can use our SDK with Tappx, and with ADX/AdMob, or with any other exchange/network as you wish, our SDK gives you the possibility to do multi-call and mediate between these networks.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the "Delivery" option, you click in "Yield Groups":

Very Important: If you don't have this option, you contact with the Google Support to active this option.

  1. Create a "New Yield Group" if you don't have:

  2. When you have your "Yield Group", you create a new "Yield Partner":

  3. Now you select Tappx as "Yield Partner". If you don't have Tappx as an option, you create a "New Yield Partner":

  4. For you create a new "Ad Network", you select "Other Networks" and enable the option "Mediation":

Custom Event Configuration

In the form add the next fields:
1. Yield Partner: Tappx
2. Integration Type: Custom Event
3. Plataform: iOS
4. Status: Active

You add in "Additional yield partner details":

  • Class Name:
    • For Banner: TappxMediationBannerAd
    • For Interstitial: TappxMediationInterstitialAd
  • Label: Only required to provide you a description…
  • Parameter: Network KEY (for example, for your tappx key (format: Pub-xxxx-iOS-xxxx)

Example of a possible full configurationWith this configuration you can first call up your direct campaigns, then if nothing is found, DFP will call to Google AdExchange and, finally, if nothing has been found, DFP will call to Tappx SSP. (you can decide the correct order in your Mediation Waterfall).NOTE: You only can use our SDK Mediation to call to your DFP, AdExchange, TappxSSP and TappxCrosspromotion, then to call them you only need to use your DFP/AdExchange/Tappx KEYS (each one has its own format).

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